Original Objects

While most of my work is improvised a few original scores and objects have come to me over the years:

  • The great, late double bassist Mathew Sperry willed the original Giacinto Scelsi solo bass scores he received from Joëlle Léandre to me 
  • Valerie Cassel Oliver, the curator of the Contemporary Art Museum Houston gave me Ben Patterson's props for his monumental Fluxus double bass solo aftet the closing of his retrospective there
  • The late John Thcicai gave me an unrecorded score by the great South African bassist Johnny Dyani titled "Roots"
  • Finally, the late Marco Eneidi gave a score Cecil Taylor wrote for his sextet that I was able to arrange as a double bass solo
  • Michael Pisaro gave me this on Facebook on my 44th birthday One low F (43.6 hz) for a long time on your birthday, Damon!


A solo program could include all or any of these three works as well as free improvisations:

  • Giacinto Scelsi: Le Réveil Profound 1972
  • Ben Patterson: Variations For Double Bass 1961
  • Cecil Taylor: untitled
  • Johnny Dyani: Roots
  • Michael Pisaro: One Low F (only available on October 17th)